Why Real estate agents need SEO

  • What is Real Estate SEO?
  • Key Words Are The Center of the Strategy
  • Make a Mobile-Friendly Site
  • Internal Links Help SEO
  • Photos Help You In Search Results
  • What To Do After You Optimize Real Estate SEO

Everyone needs SEO these days. You can’t really get too far on the internet without having some grasp of SEO. If you try to, then you are basically walking into the desert without any water… Good luck.

Real estate agents are no different than any other employer trying to create a presence on the internet: In that they need SEO. (search engine optimization)

We will go over some basic parts of real estate SEO, so you can get familiar with it, and by the end, you’ll learn why you need the help of Digital Meets Print to grow your real estate site. (This list is just the tip of the iceberg for what SEO can do for your real estate site)

Before we go into why real estate agents need SEO, let’s ask a question about SEO and real estate agent:

What is Real Estate SEO?

Is real state SEO any different than regular SEO? Actually, it is very similar to what the real estate agent SEO is trying to accomplish. The goal for SEO is quite simple: get to the top of Google pages so that way your pages are seen by more people.

Real estate SEO focuses on the people looking to buy houses. Recall someone you know, who has bought a house recently, and they will tell you of the page with the information that they found out. Looking at online pages is one of the most used ways people search for houses, so if you are going to sell a house, you better understand some of the SEO that leads people to your page.

Let’s get to those tips that can help you get to the top of the Google page.

Key Words Are The Center of the Strategy

The most important part of SEO is the keywords being used on your site’s pages, like your blog posts, landing pages, etc.

There are three different kinds of keywords

  • Short Tail – These are for general keywords, like “real estate agents” These produce high search volume but little conversion rate.
  • Medium Tail – These are for more specific keywords, like “real estate agent websites” These have a medium search volume and a medium conversion rate.
  • Long Tail – These are for very specific keywords like “real estate agent websites in Maine in 2022” These have the lowest search volumes but the highest conversion rates.

You need to understand what keywords to use and how they affect the pages on your site. All keywords are not the same, so don’t treat them like that.

Did you know? – Long-tail researches have a click-through rate 3% to 5% higher than generic researches.

Service to check out – Digital Meets Print has great services concerning SEO. It covers local SEO, which increases brand awareness locally and helps connect you with local customers.

You can also help your SEO for your real estate site by making it better for mobile use.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Site

By making your site mobile-friendly, you are also helping your site with its SEO.

Here are a few things that you can do for your site.

  • Avoid popups – Popups are notorious for making a site slower, and that is not different for a mobile site.
  • Test the website on real mobile devices – See how the mobile site looks on a mobile device since that can show you a perspective you would not get otherwise.
  • Implement a responsive layout – A responsive layout allows the site to adjust to the used device. Want to check if your site has a responsive layout? Use Browserstack’s responsive tool.

Did you know? – Google may not crawl links on your page if your website have above 100 internal links.

Service to check out – Digital Meets Print’s competitive research can not only help you with your backlink analysis, it also features a market overview of your competitors, and can identify keywords gaps that you may have overlooked.

Links are the thing that people use to get to other articles, but they are hardly the thing that anyone looks at.

Photos Help You In Search Results

It is no secret that people remember images more than words alone, and Google is no different. So a bunch of high-quality, relevant, optimized images can help your site appear better to any reading it and get to the coveted top of Google search.

When you do take photos for your site, make sure to declutter and straighten up the place, and stage the home for the appropriate season.

Did you know? – A piece of content paired with a photograph is 6.5 times more likely to be remembered by the audience.

Service to check out – Digital Meet Print can help you with measuring your digital presence, by helping you with Tech SEO, Local SEO and content marketing.

What do you do with all this information, though? What is your next move?

What To Do After You Optimize Real Estate SEO

You now know the basics of SEO for real estate. You know the different keywords, why a site needs to be mobile-friendly, and all about links, but there is one major problem still: you are a real estate agent, and that is not your expertise. You need someone who knows all about SEO and what it can do for your site so that you can get to the top of Google.

That is where Digital Meets Print comes in. We can not only optimize your site’s SEO but give you the expertise that you need. We can develop your website, market your social media pages, and much more. You have houses to sell and open houses to run; leave the SEO and web development to the professionals who understand it.

Contact us today.

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