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We are Excited to Introduce Our New E-Ticketing Platform 

Festiv Tickets: Your One-Stop E-Ticketing Solution

Simple and Seamless Ticketing Experience

With Festiv Tickets, purchasing a ticket is no longer a tedious task. In just a few mouse clicks, consumers can easily locate and purchase their desired tickets. We prioritize your convenience!

Event Management Made Easier

Event organizers, say goodbye to event management headaches! With our expert skills and robust infrastructure, smooth operation of your events is now guaranteed. Whether you’re organizing a cozy gathering or a large-scale event, Festiv Tickets is equipped to handle it all.

Showcase Your Brand

Every event is unique, and so should be its tickets. Festiv Tickets offers customizable ticket templates, allowing organizers to effortlessly reflect their corporate identity and ensure a consistent event experience for attendees.

Real-time Insights and Reporting


Stay updated with the performance of your events. Our platform provides comprehensive data insights and reports. Track sales, understand attendance patterns, and get all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Dedicated Support

Our customer care isn’t just regular support; it’s specialized. Be it queries, technical glitches, or any other concerns, our dedicated channels are always ready to assist you swiftly.

Join the Festiv Tickets community today and elevate your event management experience. We are more than just a ticketing platform; we’re your event’s best friend!

Festiv Ticketing Platform Highlights

Swift and Simple Booking

Navigating ticket sales shouldn’t be harder than choosing your festival outfit. With Festiv Ticketing, securing a spot at your favorite festival has never been easier. In just a few clicks, you’re in!

Experience More, Spend Less

Why pay the full price when you can get exclusive deals? With Festiv Tickets, you’ll frequently encounter special offers and discounts, ensuring you get more bang for your buck. Make every festival a little sweeter with savings!

Hassle-Free Transactions

Nobody likes transactional snags, especially when you’re eager to secure that festival ticket. With our platform, you’re assured of a seamless and secure payment process. Your festival spirit won’t be dampened with unnecessary payment hurdles.

Join the Festiv Ticketing family today and make every festival journey smooth and memorable. Get ready to dance, laugh, and celebrate – with us by your side!

Unleash the Power of Ticketing Excellence

One Platform, Every Event: Festiv Ticketing

Versatile & Adaptable

No event is too big, too small, or too niche for Festiv Ticketing. Whether you’re hosting a global tech conference or a local pottery workshop, our platform has you covered.

Music Festivals to Metropolis Conferences


Groove to the rhythm of music festivals or tap into the pulse of leading industry conferences. With Festiv Ticketing, every event genre finds its perfect online ticketing partner.

From Goal Posts to Grand Expos


Celebrate the adrenaline of sporting events or dive into the buzz of trade shows. Our platform stands as the backbone, ensuring every attendee gets their ticket effortlessly.

Fundraisers & Feel-Good Gatherings


From noble causes to community-building events, Festiv Ticketing ensures that the essence of your event translates right from the ticketing process.

Tailored to Your Needs


One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to unique events. With our platform’s customizable capabilities, mold the ticketing experience to match the spirit and specifics of your occasion.

Events We Support

Festiv Tickets – PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PAAS) BY Sigur Solutions TO Boost Your Event’s Visibility

🤝Powerful Integration

Marrying the functionalities of Festiv Tickets with the strategic capabilities of Sigur Solutions offers an unparalleled advantage to event organizers. By leveraging the prowess of both platforms, you’re not just selling tickets; you’re creating buzz.

🎯 Strategic Media Buying

Understanding where, when, and how to advertise your event is crucial. Sigur Solutions specializes in media buying, ensuring your event grabs the limelight it deserves across the most impactful channels. From digital platforms to traditional media, we place your event right in front of your target audience.

💡 Maximized Exposure
A great event deserves great exposure. With Sigur Solutions’ media buying expertise, event organizers can ensure that their events don’t just reach an audience, but the right audience. Amplify your event’s presence and boost ticket sales!

📈 Attract a Broader Audience
Effective advertising is not just about quantity, but quality. By positioning your event in the right spaces, you can draw in a crowd that’s genuinely interested and engaged.

🔄 Seamless Synchronization
The integration ensures that all aspects of your event – from ticket sales to advertising campaigns – operate in harmony. This cohesion enhances efficiency, ensuring that potential attendees experience a consistent and compelling narrative about your event.

Bring your event into the spotlight with the combined strengths of Festiv Tickets and Sigur Solutions. More than just a ticket sold, it’s an audience captivated.

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