Tech SEO Service

Tech SEO Service

Our Tech SEO service focusses on monitoring the site health and constantly improving the technical aspects of your website . Our services include:

Monitor website for errors, warnings, and page load speeds.

Monitor page crawlability and indexing.

Any other tech issues /opportunities identified that can increase search results.

Benefits of Tech SEO

  • Improve Site Speed
  • Eliminate content duplication
  • Improves Customer Experience
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings

How to measure your Tech SEO?

Site Health Score

To help understand if there are errors ,issues or warnings found on your website.


Provides insights on number of webpages crawled by search engines

Site Performance

Helps measure the load speed and identify any performance issues on website

Why is Tech SEO Important For Your Business ?

Tech SEO is an important aspect of your overall online marketing plan that must be implemented and monitored by SEO experts.

Tech SEO implements website optimization techniques so that the search engine is able to scan and index your site more effectively. Properly designed Tech SEO strategies will allow you to enjoy increased organic search engine traffic that will increase conversion rates. In order for your site to rise organically within the search engine rankings, regular website audits are required so that your site continues to grow in the search engine rankings. With proper Tech SEO strategies in place, it is vital to implement keyword cannibalism or duplicate content onto your site to improve its ranking. It is also important to implement keyword and Meta tags analysis to ensure that your core web vitals are correctly applied to your site.

The purpose of a Tech SEO audit is to help you identify areas that require improvement and areas where you can eliminate inefficient strategies. With an automated Tech SEO audit system you can focus on improving other areas such as link building, content optimization, and PPC campaigns. By going through a series of SEO audits, you can be assured that your Internet marketing business is positioned to capitalize on new opportunities arising through increased website traffic and organic search engine placement.

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