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Build brand identify from the scratch

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Develop brand style library for design, style and tone

Align social media strategy with your branding requirements

Graphic Design Services

How Our Branding Services Can Help Your Business

Your Brand is fundamental to who you are as a company. It dictates how customers feel about your business and can establish a strong connection with your customers thereby increasing customer loyalty.
Our branding services focuses on creating a brand identify from ground-up or enhancing your current brand or simply focusing on core messaging and your company values through engaging creatives. Our comprehensive branding services include the following:

Logo Design to establish your brand identity and awareness

Brand Messaging to define what your company is and what it has to offer to its customers

Brand Positioning to focus on your value proposition , what is your differentiator from your competition and why should potential customers choose your company

Brand Voice can be established through advance industry research, customer analytics and your company culture to determine the right voice for your company

Brand Style Library – we establish a style library and guide for your employees and stakeholders to follow

Social Media Branding – We can help balance your branding with social media trends and styles

Infographic Service

Our Infographic services focuses on designing attractive and informative graphics to increase your brand presence.

Our Infographics are visually compelling and can transform any complex data to visually appealing creatives that are easy to understand.

Infographics are one of the best methods to increase engagement in social media platforms.

Types of Infographics We Offer


Focuses on Key Performance Indicators, statistics, graphs, and data


 More textual combined with visual elements to convey the key information


visually represent your business process, workflow, supply-chain, or data flow


focusing on Gantt charts, key milestones, roadmaps

List based

outlines the content in a specific order

Our Approach with Infographic Service

We work with you to understand the goal and topic of the infographic

We also want to understand the target audience and platform that will be used to publish the infographics

We perform in-depth research on the topic for content development

We develop content that needs to be included in the infographic

Develop a wireframe infographic with the content – which includes visuals, content placement and overall design

Conduct a walkthrough of the wireframe infographic to get client feedback

Transform wireframe Infographic into a well-designed Infographic

Receive client approval

Orchestrate the sharing of infographic in social media and website


Success Criteria for Infographics

visually appealing design

Engaging title

compelling message

Credible data

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