Content Strategy

We implement a SEO-driven content that is original and enables search engines to understand the relevancy of the content.

Our comprehensive Content Strategy Focuses on the Following

Understanding target personas to drive search results

Content Strategy increase brand exposure with search engines

We can analyze this based on current customer base and get reports on potential customers that we can target based on demographics, financial status, geographic location etc.

Develop content map focusing on Pillar pages and cluster pages under the pillar page. We focus on 3 main components

  • Broad Focus with pillar page
  • Detail in-depth cluster pages
  • strategic placing of these pages and internal linking

Keyword Research around topics of pillar and cluster pages

  • We perform competitive research and think from persona standpoint – what question they ask? what are their pain points? What will trigger them to come to search engine to ask these questions? etc. Keyword research will focus on following:
  • Who are they looking for ?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Why are they looking for ?
  • When will they need ?
  • Where are they looking for ?

We categorize the keywords with topics pillars and clusters along with their volumes (keyword, pillar page, cluster page , search intent ,volume)

Work with client team to develop content of pillar page and cluster pages


Optimize Pillar Page and cluster pages for On-Page SEO

  • Including primary key words in page titles & headings
  • Compelling meta description and title tags
  • Include primary and long tail keywords in page
  • Use target keywords within first 100 words
  • Ensure content is relevant with search intent
  • Optimize images and videos

We then analyze the score of content for readability, originality, and SEO friendly to ensure the content is search engine optimized.

Content Marketing Plan

  • On-going plan to perform on-going SEO-Audit on pillar and cluster pages
  • Developing Content blog info graphics and providing link to divert click to the website (in social media and reaching out to current backlink partnerships to promote the blogs)
  • Depending on prior month performance, maintain & update on-going content calendar for on-going content development
  • Our content marketing plan ensures we cover on both on-page and off page SEO requirements and aligned with the social media content strategy

Benefits of Our Content Strategy

According to Google’s former Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattsev, high-quality content is one of the top three SEO ranking factors.

Content strategy has a significant impact on a company’s search rankings.

An effective content marketing increases customers engagement and boosts your customers’ experience.

Our Steps to deliver value driven content marketing for your business



Focus on a specific topic



Create content calendar around that topic . The content calendar will take into account multi-channel approach such as on-page SEO, your backlinks and social media.



Keyword research. Identify focused keyword , helper keywords , synonyms and simple queries .



Conduct keyword analytics by researching keywords based on their intent , volume and value



Perform competitive research to understand the keywords used by your competition



Develop content which can include website page content , blogs , infographics or videos across all the channels.



Implement optimization techniques . For this, we make sure the content has relevant keywords included in the first 100 words. We ensure that there is no keyword overloading and content stays concise and flows with the use of the keywords.
For infographics and video creative , we supply relevant meta data using the keywords



Perform interlinking of the relevant content within the website . For example, linking keywords within your blog to link to the web page that focusses on content that is consistent to the keyword and blogs.



Measure the impact . Analyzing web site content for readability , originality, SEO, tone of voice and improve content to boost organic search



Revise and improve the content strategy on an on-going basis .

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